20+ Years of Nerding Out On FilMMAKING TECH and TECHNIQUES

A born storyteller and tech head, Michael started to educate himself in filmmaking theory and technique in 1991. Before graduating high school, he had already garnered multiple state filmmaking awards as he experimented with many personal and professional projects.


As the filmmaking world slowly shifted to digital, Michael was always on top of the technology game, combining both analogue and digital technologies as they developed and started teaching local classes at the age of 15.

Not only a gear nerd but a mind nerd, Michael majored in Psychology at the University of Southern California along with his degree in Cinema-Television. Out of college, he studied the art of Steadicam Operation and gained experience in Los Angeles studio production.

Michael founded Onyx Cinema and started teaching through New York Film Academy in LA, as well as produced his entertaining informational YouTube video channel. He has been invited to speak at multiple NAB Show booths over the years.

Eventually hired by Vitec Videocom as Video Marketing Manager and subsequently Story & Heart's Academy of Storytellers as Head of Production, Michael is constantly looking to both learn and share his craft to the filmmaker community.